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Initiatives & Programs

ICW Society started in Delhi on 2011 almost 11 year ago (As 2022). With the mission that every child is in school and every indians are healthy and the erery women have job who are the victim of domestic violence and other social injustice . Then it was Delhi. Now it is in India. To work towards child education goal, ICW Society provides a broad-based platform for activities in education and skill development.

Chalo Kaam Par Chale
#Kushal Karigar

#Training & Skill Development Programs

#Karigar Nahi Ham Hai Kushal Karigar !

ICW Society Training & Skill Development Programs for unskilled Workers or Youth of india to skill them.

ICW Society runs 10+ Training & Skill Development centres across 4 states and 1 Union Territory in India, with a placement rate of over 90 percent. More than 2,000 students will be trained in 2021-22.


Our Initiatives & Programs

We develops innovative programmes and educational material and builds capacity in the field of Education, Hethcare and Empowerment. It is committed to ensure that Education leads to action for sustainable development. It undertakes field projects that demonstrate and validate the role education can play in sustainable development.

Gyan Ki Pathshala

We are Working On Different Activities for Education Upliftment #GyanKiPathshala.

Apna Clinic

We have been conducting the Comprehensive Health Program #ApnaClinic.

Bhooka Nahi Soyega

We are destroyed a few lakhs livelihood and uploaded many families. #BhookaNahiSoyega

Chalo Kaam Par Chale

#Work Cloth for Rural Worker Initiatives

#Chalo Kaam Par Chale !

ICW Society works on turning old material as a resource for rural development activities. All Know The Our Communities have built huge bamboo bridges, dug up wells, have done bunding of acres of land, developed small irrigation canals, have built drainage systems, built village schools and have taken up massive exercises of repairing roads, these works are done by Communities. And We giving them usable old material as a reward.

#Know More About ICW Society

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